At Horserenity we create a safe environment for our learners to spend time with the horses.


Horses are non judgmental and will listen to a heart beat from 4 feet away, they read from the inside out and work in a non judgemental way to bring calm and understanding.


You might spend time grooming, joining with the herd at liberty, working with your energy in the round pen, drawing, reflecting, leading a horse through your own life's 'obstacles', learning about the physiology of the horse.


We are lead by your needs and will build a tailored programme to help you achieve your goals.


We spend time helping people who are struggling with life.


EFL is for children who have been excluded from their educational setting; people who are experiencing emotional trauma, separation issues and anxiety. 


We work with young adults who suffer from low self esteem and confidence and have disengaged with life; and adults suffering PTSD, or with learning and communication issues.

We also run family programmes where we work with every aspect of the relationships between family members.


Learners experience many benefits from time with the horses.

"The changes in K were apparent almost straight away. As soon as he arrived at Horserenity his behaviour calmed, his high energy lessened, he smiled, he giggled, he loved it. We haven't seen any violence since the day he started! Thank you for giving me my son back!" 


EM - a parent of a learner








Contact us via the contact page on the website or call on 0773 4058783 to book a free taster session.