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  • Sarah Vivian

Nice weather for Ducks!

The fields are taking a battering at the moment and the stream is bursting its banks; the boggy bits are very boggy and the ducks couldn't be happier.

We started the month with four grey horses, one black mare and a Dude - we now seem to have four murky brown ones, with a dash of white coat, one black mare and a Dude. Which has given us some interesting discussions into welfare and land management issues.

How do we keep enough grass for the herd to last the winter and not poach the fields; without restricting the horses from the movement that we have spent the year encouraging for their natural herd behaviour and well being? I also find myself having to curb my need for everything to 'look nice' and allow the horses to roam and churn up mud.

Winter is a tricky time for horse carers but we have come to the conclusion that we will deal with the fields later and concentrate on the health and well being of the herd. They are bright, grazing, moving, fluffy and filthy - so all is as it should be.

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