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How many productive days are lost to feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted?

Team Well Being days are an opportunity to click the refresh button.


How can a team day help?

The horse human connection has existed for thousands of years.


They are non judgmental beings who live in the moment and rely on their connections  with and bond to their group for survival.   


Hands on interactions with our gentle herd can bring your team into the same space where they can let go of the outside world and start to breath and work on what is happening within.​


They will be able to identify their reactions and responses to situations and start to work on strategies to meet their challenges more positively, whether they be personal or work directed.


Everyone leaves with a kinder sense of self and a refreshed outlook and deeper way of breathing.

What might the day look like?

At Horserenity CIC everything we do is centred on the horses and their soul and wisdom. This means that clients get hands on with the herd and learn about themselves by undertaking activities with the herd. ​


We will set up initiatives involving the horses that guide you to use certain skills in order to be successful.


Coherence is key. Keeping your heart and brain working together cohesively is number one. The facilitator will guide you to process and discuss behaviours and patterns that are discovered during the activity.​


You might be asked to move a horse around the paddock as a group without touching it; you might be tasked to lead a horse through some of 'life's obstacles'; you might be asked to simply find your position within the herd or silently work towards a group goal while including a horse in your group.​


There will be times of reflection, discussion and feedback. You will be challenged in new ways and have time to enjoy being hands on with these beautiful beings under the experienced guidance of the Horserenity facilitation team.

And how much does it cost?

These team well being days cost between £950 and £5000 depending on your needs and the size of the group. Please get in touch to discuss a tailored programme.

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