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The human team at Horserenity provides opportunities to learn out of doors in a safe, natural environment with horses and other animals. We offer one to one sessions, small groups, family programmes, life skills and re-engagement for young adults and those experiencing trauma (PTSD) and anxiety. We are also now offering a 'train the trainer' programme for those wanting to learn about equine facilitating and we are accredited by OCNLR.

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Horserenity was set up by  Sarah who is a Level 4 Advanced Facilitator, qualified teacher and University lecturer. She also has extensive experience in the corporate world having been a Director at a London Marketing Agency. She is a licensed HorseDreams Partner and delivers team building and coaching with horses as well as equine facilitated learning to children, young people and adults.

"It's been incredibly rewarding watching relationships blossom between the horses and the learners that come here. I am privileged to be part of their emotional learning and watch them find a place of calm within themselves that they can take to other settings where anxiety might ordinarily take over and sabotage their day."



Daimon joined the Horserenity CIC team 3 years ago. She is an experienced facilitator and has worked with the herd to run sessions for both children and adults. She has travelled extensively and is a linguist by trade, which makes her a fantastic listener and gives her the gift of empathy for all that surrounds her. She has recently introduced the work of Professor Steve Peters into her programme writing to help learners to understand their own fight, flight or freeze responses.

""I am continually surprised by seeing how learners respond to working alongside the horses and other animals at Horserenity. It's amazing watching the smiles spread across everyone's faces as they progress through the programmes that we write."

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