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I'd like to tell you a story.

This incredible journey all started when a horse called The Lumberjack came into my life. He was a 17.2 hh warmblood and the wisest and gentlest being I had ever met. - unless you were going full pelt on a group hack!  He became part of the family when my daughter, Jemima, was four months old. Spending time with him helped me to recover from post natal depression and gave me back my smile and drive for life.


He touched many people's lives, and on reflection, set my thoughts on 'Horserenity' all those years ago.


My neighbour, Penny, had a son with ASD and she asked if we could take him to meet Jack, as she had heard that horses could 'make a difference'. Their meeting was magical.


Jack and Rory looked into each others' eyes and a calmness came over both of them, which Penny said, she had not seen in Rory before. Jack breathed on Rory's face and Rory smiled. He stretched out his hand and touched the horse's face. The two of them stood, sharing their space, sharing a breath, and sharing a moment.


It brought tears to both mine and Penny's eyes and I knew that there was something in the connection that I wanted to explore and open to more people as a way of finding calm and peace in a troubled world.  The studying, researching and training began and, with various career changes in between, here we are 13 years later with paddocks and a herd of 6 beautiful horses. I am privileged to watch them work their magic every day, and help people recover from trauma, anxiety, low self esteem and find a peace they didn't think was possible.

Thank you Jack, you were my horse of a lifetime.

Jemima, aged two and a half, taking 'Jack' for a walk.

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