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During the current pandemic, life has been particularly hard for our young carers. Where they might ordinarily have respite in going to school and having fun with their peers, they have had to isolate as those family members they care for are particularly vulnerable at this time. 


Horserenity CIC aims to provide a safe environment where young carers can explore and express themselves. We have written a program that will allow small groups of young carers to find some time for themselves; express freely how these past months have made them feel; and work with the horses in the paddocks to achieve a sense of calm. In working with the horses and other young carers, we hope to also provide them with a space in which they can relax, reflect and smile.


We will equip them with a ‘mindfulness toolkit’ that they can take away and use when things get tough.

To make a donation please visit our crowdfunding page - anything that you can give will go directly towards offering places on this programme. We have worked hard to keep costs to a minimum so that we can help as many Young Carers as we can.



Use this link to go to the Crowdfunder page:

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