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 Retiring your equine partner is one of the hardest decisions that you have to make. When is it the right time to say 'you've done enough and you won't be tacked up anymore, we won't ride out together but I will always love you.'? And, once this decision has been made, how do we show them our love and take care of them into their well earned rest? With this in mind, we are launching 'positive retirement' at Horserenity CIC. 


Kites Farm has undulating paddocks and natural shelter overlooking a beautiful part of the Dorset countryside and we have designed a retirement package fit for our beloved horses.

Our horses live on a track system as a herd. The track is designed to mimic how the wild horse would live and thrive in a natural environment but with the realistic restrictions that we face in a more domesticated environment. The horses are allowed to go back to their more natural state and just 'be a horse'. They are encouraged to forage, move, be part of a herd, socialise, make choices about where they want to be and where they want to rest. All  of this adheres to our ethos of horse care which is embedded in the 5 freedoms. The track, in particular, allows the horses the freedom to express natural behaviour and creates  a harmony that produces many health and well being benefits for our dearly loved partners who are moving into the later years of their lives.

Every horse will be treated as part of the Horserenity family and the horses are at the centre of everything we do here. If you felt that your horse would benefit, they can be included in the therapeutic sessions we run as horse/human connections as well. 

The livery will include :

Ad lib hay, mineral and salt licks, hay stations, bedding, 3 daily checks, morning and evening feed (supplied by owner), bedding in loafing areas, holding for vet and farrier as needed, twice weekly hoof management, basic creams etc applied as needed, weekly grooming, rug changes and fly masks as required, 3 monthly egg count, turn out and bring in from standing hay pasture as required, weekly photo and/or video of your horse being a horse!

Please get in touch to discuss a tailored package for your horse.

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