At Horserenity we usually start with a 10 hour assessment programme.


For many, emotional responses and behaviours have been established over some years, so we take time out to observe and reflect before writing any tailored sessions.


The forward programme is then tailored with the specific needs and goals of the learner in mind.


No programme is set in stone. Our experience has shown us that things come up for people at unexpected times so we would rather go with the flow, than stick rigidly to a predisposed plan.

We are registered with OCNLR and offer nationally recognised qualifications at  award,  certificate, diploma and GCSE level.

These accredited courses include:


  • Healthy Living;

  • Functional skills in english and maths;

  • Award in employability;

  • Level 1 & 2 certificate in employability;

  • Developing Personal Confidence and self awareness;

  • Level 1 certificate in skills for professions in animal care

To learn more about the courses offered at Horserenity, or to discuss you specific needs please give us a call or

get in touch via the contact page on the website.

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