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A tailored programme to promote confidence and self esteem.


Overall Aims:

In allowing the participant to explore their own feelings and emotions in a safe environment, the aim is that they will then use this new understanding to experience a more constructive relationship with themselves and the world around them. The participant will learn to translate the sense of calm and well being experienced on site into everyday situations where anxiety and negativity might ordinarily take over. This means that they will interact with others in a less confrontational manner thus promoting more positive connections.



Observe horses in the herd to learn about their communication

Approach horses and interact with them safely and calmly

Discuss prey and predator – flight or fight

Groom a horse

Pick up and clean out a horse’s hooves

Halter and lead a horse at walk

Distance and Nearness – respect and empathy

Move a free horse, at walk, in the round pen

Find a way to reflect on and record the learning

Use soft techniques to find calm for yourself and the horses


The shape of the programme:

The participant will be on site for 2 hours at a time, at least one and a half hours with the facilitator each day and some time reflecting on their experiences. The shape of the reflection will be left to the participant. They may want to reflect in the presence of the horses in the paddock; they may want to reflect in the cabin; they could produce visuals; write a poem; write a diary – however they feel they can reflect on their own emotional learning can be discussed and agreed at the start of the process.



Cost of the programme:   £840.00


Find out more contact Sarah on or call 0773 4058783

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