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Learning with horses - Developing human potential in team environments


Every business wants to nurture high performing and highly productive teams, and when we step out of the day to day to work towards this goal, we need it to make a real difference and provide value against the budget.

We’ve all attended leadership and team building sessions with pens, paper, break out groups, a leadership coach and some thought-provoking exercises. You may have listened to, and been inspired by motivational speakers or read books to improve your individual performance.

But have you ever been given the opportunity to get really hands on with 60 million years’ worth of experience with a high functioning and high performing team that exists in an ever changing environment?

Horses are social animals with a strong instinct to bond and work together. Each member of the herd belongs, is essential and matters. These relationships are central to existence for the horse – every herd member relies on the herd and the herd relies on every herd member for survival.

Horses are natural teachers of relationships, leadership, and teamwork. They are non-judgmental beings who live in the moment. They don’t see labels or job titles and work from the inside out looking for clarity and congruency. A horse maintains its integrity with only as much force as is necessary in that moment. From them we can learn to better understand ourselves, how to manage our reactions and responses, how to use emotional intelligence when working with others, and how to reconnect with our true selves.

Spending time in the presence of horses will give you the space to explore your uniqueness, practice connecting with your authentic self and ultimately finding your place within the human herd. It will expose default emotional and behavioural patterns that may be sabotaging professional outcomes.

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