Sarah has worked at a senior level in Marketing and has extensive experience of training corporate teams, all of which gives her a unique ability to address the pressures on the individual to deliver; the need for teams to function at high productivity levels; the requirement for a team to be agile and able to adapt to disruptive markets and the necessity for honest leadership.

Engaging with horses increases self-awareness in a non-threatening, positive environment.  Spending time in the paddocks learning horsemanship skills and helping maintain the land and surroundings, gives individuals and teams an opportunity to reflect on their own working and communication styles, and appreciate the differences of those around them. A team and leadership programme at Horserenity delivers truly memorable and distinctive experiences, participants leave with powerful lessons to apply to the day-to-day.

As well as being an EAQ level 4 Advanced Facilitator, Sarah Vivian is a HorseDream partner  and member of EAHEA, she is qualified to deliver personal and professional development programs in:


  • The art of  leadership,

  • Reaching goals and overcoming obstacles,

  • Picadero coaching and personal constellation,

  • Integral HorseMapping.

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The benefits of EFL are highly relevant to the business world. 

Horses provide an authentic reference point that allows participants to connect more deeply with themselves, their colleagues and customers which leads to tangible benefits for customer loyalty, team motivation and employee productivity.