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 'C' a young adult who attended a 3 day programme:


"Horserenity is a programme I'd definitely recommend to anyone with difficulties facing regular day to day life; whether they be problems adjusting to education, or overcoming trauma, or struggling with your mental health, Sarah and Daimon provide an invaluable service in providing an environment that encourages anyone to grow and explore their capabilities, through confidence building activities both working with the animals and working around the holding. They helped me talk through some of my problems in a far more relaxed environment, without the pressure and stuffiness associated with therapy- type scenarios, and the distraction helped for when everything got a bit too intense."

Mum of 'K' a primary aged learner at Horserenity:


"The changes in K were apparent almost straight away. As soon as he arrived at Horserenity his behaviour calmed, his high energy lessened, he smiled, he giggled, he loved it!

Sarah is extremely talented at recognising what will and what won't work for K on any particular day and even at any particular moment. She runs her sessions by taking the lead from him."

D Weir - Face Forward Lead Adviser Bournemouth and Christchurch


"The young people I have referred have suffered with high levels of anxiety, depression and low self esteem. No other project locally has had this type pf success in such a short space of time. All the young people I have referred have been aware they have improved mental health and two have gone on to progress in education and further volunteering. Without Horserenity, this would not have happened."

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