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Emotional Connection Programme 


Overall Aims:

This tailored programme combines both equine assisted learning and emotion focused therapeutic work. Both are lead by qualified members of the Horserenity team and allow for hands on time spent with the horses with a focus on emotions and coping mechanisms.


The Shape of the Program:


This 6 week programme consists of one a half hours on site for each session. The first 15 minutes spent with a facilitator working in the cabin to look at the shape of the tailored session; then an hour in the paddocks with hands on interaction with the horses; finishing with a final short session to examine what has come up and how the learning might apply to life's challenging situations.

week one - introduction to the site, the team, the horses and the programme.

week two - where do I feel my emotions?

week three - grounding breath work and confidence issues

week four - fight, flight or freeze - what happens when we are out of our comfort zone?

week five - keeping our direction and clarity of goal setting

week six - bringing learning together and constellation work with the horses.

,Apart from this guiding structure, every element is designed around you, and, at the end of each session your facilitator will reflect on the outcomes, needs and content of the next session. This means that everything is lead by you.

Sessions cost £100 each.


 To find out more contact Sarah at or fill out the contact form on the website

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