Covid-19 Recovery Programme for Young Carers


Overall Aims:

As we all start to prepare to emerge from the lockdown of the last few months there are those that are going to really struggle with reintegration. While this has been a tough time for everyone, there are a group of children and young adults amongst us who have had to really face their fears and find a deep-rooted faith to keep going. The young carers in our communities have had to bear their own isolation with a grit and determination that few of us can even imagine.


The Shape of the Program:


A 6 session programme consisting of 6 hours a week, split over two days, including hands on work with the horses, group work, mindfulness and time for reflection. The aim is to allow participants to explore their own thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental way by connecting and partnering with a horse in a safe, natural environment. We will provide opportunities to learn new skills and look at how horses communicate and how we can learn and let go. There will be time for physical expression, discussion, grooming, round pen work and fun. Each program will be open to 8 young carers and lead by two qualified facilitators. It will commence at 9.30am and finish at 12.30pm. It will run on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We will have two breaks during the three-hour session where participants can relax and enjoy the paddocks and we will provide refreshments.


Indicative Outcomes of the Programme:


The participant can identify a situation where they felt confident and where they felt a lack of confidence and talk about how they behaved in those situations.

The participant can outline how their behaviour and beliefs can influence the ways others perceive them.

The participant can identify social situations that make them uncomfortable and discuss the resulting behaviour and how to reflect on it.

The participant can identify fight or flight triggers for themselves and the resulting stress levels.

The participant can explore their energy and recognise the physical factors.

The participant can identify techniques to reduce stress in a variety of situations. 

The participant can identify a short-term goal and an action plan to help them meet that goal.

The participant can communicate and work in a group and take comfort from their world.



Cost of the programme: 

£2000 for 18 hours for 8 carers (£250 pp per course if 8 in a group).

Find out more contact Sarah on or call 0773 4058783