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"Closely connected to mind, body, soul and spirit,

it seems horses can enable people to restore these same connections too' 

Angela Dunning 'The Horse Leads the Way'.

We are so excited to be able to share our wealth of experience and learning in launching these nationally recognised qualifications:
Handling and Managing Horses in Equine Assisted Learning (OCNLR** level 3)
Facilitating Equine Assisted Learning (OCNLR** level 4)

** OCN London (OCNLR) Qualifications are nationally recognised and regulated by Ofqual.


The difference that horses have made in many lives is incredible and powerfully positive. That connection between human and horse runs so deeply within us and is something the team here at Horserenity CIC have successfully facilitated for over five years now. We have watched clients and learners take a breath, find a place of calm within themselves, and start to rebuild from the inside out. It has been a privilege facilitating interactions between our gentle herd and those looking for support, and, having worked hard and learnt so much, we want to share our knowledge and experience with you. 

Whether you are new to Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and interested to learn more, looking to become involved with horses in some way, or are already working with horses and want to learn more about the human/horse bond, these programmes are for you. Your time with us will increase your learning, allow time for self reflection, and inform your practice. You can also be assured by the knowledge that these programmes are nationally recognised, Ofqual regulated, and delivered by a team of highly experienced and qualified facilitators and trainers.

There are three parts to our accredited training that can be taken independently or incorporated as a series of learning and experiences.

Introductory Day -

This is for anyone who is interested in learning more about equine assisted learning and gaining an insight into the relationship with the horse. It is also an introduction to both the Level 3 Award and Level 4 Certificate.

You will be invited to join us on site at Horserenity, in Dorset, where we will introduce you to both the L3 Certificate and the L4 Award. The day starts at 9.30 with refreshments and introductions, and closes at around 3.30pm. You will get to meet our herd and ask questions about how EAL works. You will have the opportunity to get hands on experience of some of the exercises that we use with our clients and learners, and really feel how the horses can tap into the soul. There will be open discussion throughout the day with support from the team and plenty of time for reflection of how you might like to shape your on-going learning. We hope that you will leave with a real insight into EAL and a clear picture of how you can move forward on your own path towards working with horses in this capacity. 

Please get in touch if you require further information and costs. 

Dates and contact - 

If you are interested in booking a place please get in touch via the contact form on the website., or comment on our Facebook page. We are currently offering three choices for the intro day 19th, 20th and 21st of August 2022, but will be adding more to the calendar before the end of this year. Lunch will be provided on the day, so please let us know of any dietary requirements.

Level 3 Award in Handling and Managing Horses in EAL -

This is for anyone who is thinking about working with horses in EAL, or wants to be involved in assisting EAL sessions; and is one of the modules of the L4 programme so can be a launch pad on to the next stage of your qualification.

This is a six week programme that opens with two consecutive days in our paddocks exploring and working with the Horserenity herd, and getting to know each other, and our team who will offer continuous support throughout this programme. The rest of the learning will be blended with on line interactions, projects, and one to one and group meetings via the internet. This will culminate in a final day on site to celebrate the end of the course and talk about the successes and learning that has been experienced along the way. You would walk away with a wealth of knowledge and experience of handling horses in this capacity and a group of like minded individuals you can call on for support. From here you would be ready to join an existing EAL team or be set up for moving on to the Level 4 Award in Facilitating Equine Assisted Learning. If you are interested in completing the L4, this L3 award covers 1 of the 6 units for the full Certificate.

Please get in touch if you require further information and costs.

Dates and Contact - (2024) Jan 19-20th / Feb 9th-10th / March 15th-16th / April 3rd-4th / May 24th-25th - more to be published soon.

 Contact via the form on this website or comment on our Facebook page.

Level 4 Certificate in Facilitating Equine Assisted Learning -

This for anyone who wants to work in EAL as a facilitator. You could be interested in joining an existing organisation, already be working at an EAL centre but not qualified to facilitate, or wanting to set up your own centre. You might also have already completed the L3 Award and want to expand your knowledge and move on with your learning.

This will again take the form of blended learning with a mix of on site and on line interactions. There will be a portfolio to complete and an expectation that you would undertake a certain number of hours practice within EAL. There are 6 units in all, one of which is the L3 award in Managing and Handling Horses in EAL. We are keen to make sure that the shape of this programme fits into your life and will do our best to ensure that you meet the criteria necessary for achieving the full award, but that you are given the space, support and time to complete this learning while being able to manage your existing life and obligations.

Please get in touch if you require further information and costs.

Dates and Contact - (2024) Feb 12th-16th / April 8th-12th - more to be published soon.

Contact via the form on this website or comment on our Facebook page.

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