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  • Sarah Vivian

We've won a lottery fund to help Dorset's NHS workers!

We are so excited, after a few months of nail biting and waiting, we have been told, this week, that we have been awarded £10,000 to run a programme for Dorest's NHS frontline workers. Life has been unimaginably stressful for those working in our hospitals and especially in ICU over the last year and we wanted to be able to do something to help them recover from the horrors they have witnessed. The programme will help frontline NHS staff to let go of the past months and breath again with the horses here at Horserenity CIC. Each programme will last a day and , with the help of the National Lottery, we are going to be able to run 5 such programmes and are looking forward to being able to give something back to these amazing teams. If you would like to hear more or are interested in booking onto these programmes, please get in touch.

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