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  • Sarah Vivian

The horse that started all of this....

I recently had the opportunity to talk at an EAFPN meet up day. I was asked to tell the story about how I came to be where I am in terms of a facilitator and working with the children and horses. It took me back to my old friend Jack who started me on this journey. Jack was a giant of a horse with the kindest, wisest presence - he communicated with us and forged relationships with those much smaller than himself (see pic!). His wisdom and light shone through and gave those around him moments of calm and plenty of smiles. He was spiritual and magical and I wanted to learn more about him and help spread more of the magic. Sadly, Jack is no longer with us but I'm still learning from these magnificent beings everyday and watching them use their indomitable spirit to bring calm and a breathing space to those who are troubled.

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