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  • Peter Pony working his magic

Peter visits Alzheimer's sufferers.

Peter Pony showed his true, magical colours when we visited a home for Alzheimer's sufferers in Bournemouth. I have to admit, before we went I was apprehensive about how he would feel about the whole experience, but he was simply amazing. He first met Pat in the garden, a lady who hadn't left her room for some years. She heard he was there and came outside to meet him with a smile on her face and lots of stories to tell about the horses in her life. Peter then went into the common room and took everything in his stride. We were guided by him and he reached out to the patients in such a gentle, empathetic way. Who ever he approached broke into a smile and accepted his nuzzles. I was overwhelmed by his sense of calm and love, he truly is the most wonderful pony, we are lucky to have him at Horserenity.

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