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  • Sarah Vivian

Help us name our new chickens!

We've recently introduced 8 new chickens to our flock, they are all pekin bantams like Nina and Jeremy Cluckson, but they haven't got names yet. We'd like you to help us name them. It's simple to have a go - go to our facebook page 'Horserenity' and send us a message with the colour of the chicken you would like to name and the name that you have thought of. We will organise all the ideas into groups for each chicken and then pick the name. If your name is chosen we will send you a picture of the chicken with your name tag on it.

The chickens are all female and we have:

1 black one

2 lavender ones

1 lavender with white feathers

1 white with black patterned feathers

1 white one

1 brown speckled one with a white head

1 brown speckled one with a brown head

Have fun coming up with names and will announce the names chosen soon!

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